4 Support beams of Overall health

Today’s healthcare system, regrettably seems to become creating a generation of people that still stay sick and determined by harmful prescription medications as plasters towards the many signs and symptoms of the sickness and illnesses. Several research has proven these plasters are just recognized to weaken the defense mechanisms, the bio-energetic field and also the critical pH balance of the body.

Being Healthy will usually determine the durability and excellence of the existence you reside. But regrettably many people today are generally confused, or are intentionally mislead into a number of unhealthy habits and diet and might be fooled concerning the healing forces of the amazing healing body, and the required steps to safeguard their 4 support beams of health.

first Pillar of Health:

The first pillar of health that is tremendously important to our healthy and wellness, is our exterior bio-energetic field, or our aura. This energy field is very like the bio-energy field which surrounds our planet like a natural defence against exterior forces or invaders.

Because the computer age is constantly on the rapidly proceed with the bombardment of electronic computers, gadgets, mobile phones, iphones, and many variations of electronic toys, research has established that our aura of magnetic exterior protection is constantly on the weaken thus allowing foreign elements to constantly attack and penetrate the body. To be able to remain healthy always, we have to find methods to strengthen and safeguard this natural exterior defence to keep our 4 support beams of health.

second Pillar of Health:

The second pillar of health is our natural internal defence referred to as our defense mechanisms. The defense mechanisms was produced to naturally safeguard against all illnesses, and foreign invaders which enters the body, and which could seriously affect our health and wellbeing within our mission to being healthy always.

The truly amazing irony regarding our defense mechanisms and also the sick care system which pretends to operate as our overall health care system, would be that the recognized ways of sick care treatment that is being touted, really does more damage to the natural defense mechanisms, than really doing worthwhile.

Our defense mechanisms consists of numerous stages and protective defensive agents. A few of these agents vary from T-cells, to B-cells, to Killer cells, to TH1 cells, to TH2 cells, to Cytotoxic T cells, and also to Suppressor T cells, simply to name a couple of. Which were naturally produced to make sure that the body remains inside a condition of overall health by enhancing our 4 support beams of health.

3rd Pillar of Health:

The Next pillar of overall health is the body pH balance. Being health only denotes that the body pH balance reaches an alkaline degree of 7.356 of greater, instead of staying at a pH balance level below 7 where all sick or diseased physiques are recognized to reside. The low your body’s pH balance level, the greater acidic it’s, and the higher the likelihood of that body being diseased.

Natural condition in our body’s pH balance is alkaline in the plethora of 7.356. From birth our pH balance range is alkaline. But because we move ahead right into a polluted atmosphere, such as the processed and overcooked foods we constantly consume every day, along with the highly acidic beverages we consume, our pH balance progressively regresses right into a condition of acidity and eventual sickness.

fourth Pillar of Health:

The fourth pillar of Health towards being health, is our lifestyle. We require a system of standard exercise, daily preferably, although not always energetic. We have to reduced our consumption of pollution from stress, toxins, carcinogens, and then any other drugs or chemicals which might compromise our defense mechanisms.

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