Fabulous Medical Check-Up Singapore Facilities

Hospitals around the world have splendid equipment and treatment for any issue or disease. Regular health check-ups are an inevitable part of their work. Advanced equipment and modern technology unmatched to the older methods can now crack down any problem to its roots. Apart from the complicated surgeries, regular check-ups have also upgraded their standards. Their reports are more than just physical checking providing a complete scanning from head to toe.

Scans And Tests Included

Famous hospitals around the city have expertly designed complete medical check up Singapore can imagine!

  • Common physical measurements like height and weight for body mass index. The physicians briefly check vision, pulse rate, and breathing.
  • Scans and tests including X-ray, MRI, and CT scans to see through the invisible to naked eyes. Some high scrutiny tests are included if the patient’s medical history indicates regular monitoring.
  • Laboratory tests for blood sugar, cholesterol, and hormonal levels. The patients are advised to give blood samples after fasting for at least eight hours.
  • High-resolution camera endoscopy is the latest feature included in many clinics and hospitals.

The reports and results for scans and tests would be available within 24 hours. The patients are contacted for collecting the report, or an e-copy is sent on choice. The whole package includes the primary tests and scans at a fixed rate. Additional tests and consultancy are charged separately.

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