Here are answers to some frequently asked questions in regards to SMP!

SMP or Scalp Micro Pigmentation is a preventive measure taken to cover the hair loss of baldness. It is a medical treatment that does not require any operation or surgery. You can say it is like getting a tattoo but on your scalp. Keep reading if you are thinking about getting this treatment but have some queries in your mind that are holding you back!

How does SMP work?

For this treatment, the expert you go to inject a pigment in the epidermis or first layer of your scalp skin. It simply is an artificial copy of your original follicle but in the art form. The best part is that it is customized, which means you can get it wherever needed. The results are indifferent, quick, and pretty visible.

What is the number of sessions you need to take?

The amount of work required on your scalp is directly proportional to your needs. Therefore, the number of sessions can vary from 2 to 4. this can be discussed with the specialist you go to for the consultation, so you end up with desired results. In-depth of it, a session goes on for two or more hours, depending on bodily needs. There is a week or ten days gap between the first and second session, and if everything goes right, you can book the final session after a month or so, as prescribed.

Does SMP hurt?

There is a myth that says scalp tattooing is painful, which makes a lot of people back off. But, in reality, it hurts less than getting your skin tattooed. Although, you do get some redness and might feel a gentle or subtle sensation. Still, I recommend Scalp Micropigmentation Los Angeles, as they know their way around this treatment would get this done rightfully, making you feel the minimum pain.

What to do after the treatment?

Once you get your SMP treatment done, all the sessions, you are just ought to enjoy your new confident life. In all seriousness, as this is based upon pigmentation, it is bound to fade with time, but nothing to worry about for few years. Few years means five years plus or minus. Once you experience it, you can get the touch-up, and voila, good as new!

Does it require any extra care?

Apart from the initial time, which is 4 to 5 days of the session, you would be suggested not to touch, wash or shave your hair. Do keep a hat on your head for these days when you go in the sun. Gradually, it gets normal. You would not be required to stop your daily routine activities or work for this treatment as well. In addition to that, once you get used to it and it has been some time to it, you can shave your head to keep an even look.

Basic guidelines, do’s, and don’t are given to the clients by the experts. SMP not only helps you cover the baldness but also thinning of hair, hiding the scars and hair loss.

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