How Does Dental Hygiene Affect Your Health?

Did you realize that your dental hygiene has a major health effect? Most individuals suppose that it only affects their smiles when they don’t take proper care of their teeth. Your oral health does contribute more than you ever imagine to your entire well-being. It is not only vital to take excellent care of your teeth to have a nice smile, but it may influence your entire body. You will suffer and you put yourself at risk of major health issues in the future when you don’t care about your teeth.

Controlling the germs in the mouth is one of the major objectives of brushing and flossing teeth every day. The mouth has considerable germs and can cause major health concerns if basic dental hygiene is missing. When your mouth has lots of bacteria and you eat sugary food, acids will be formed. The acids target tooth components that cause severe decay, gum disease, and can lead to severe oral diseases such as periodontitis. Dentist Nobleton described here how your oral hygiene affects your overall well-being:

Heart disease

Bad oral habits may cause diseases such as strokes and heart attacks. This happens when the plaque is built on the teeth. Plaque can enter the circulation and clog the arteries as cholesterol. You are at risk of cardiac problems such as stroke when this happens.

Bacteria that build up in the mouth and ultimately damage the teeth and gums can also lead to severe gum disease, usually referred to as gingivitis. Bacteria leading to gingivitis can also migrate into the bloodstream at advanced stages. When this bacterium spreads all across the body and reaches the heart, you are considered to be at risk of heart disease.


Periodontitis may aggravate the symptoms of diabetics, a disease that promotes gum inflammation, because the body cannot absorb insulin drugs effectively with periodontitis. This drug is intended to decrease blood sugar levels. High blood sugar levels in the blood exacerbate inflammation in the mouth. Diabetics are thus usually urged to have proper dental hygiene.


A high amount of harmful oral bacteria might also put you at risk for lung illnesses such as pneumonia. The air we breathe comes and goes through the mouth and the lungs. Air disorders such as pneumonia can get fatal particularly if they have an impact on an older individual.

Pregnant women must also maintain proper dental hygiene since diseases such as periodontitis put them in danger of preterm childbirth. It is vital to have good dental health throughout pregnancy since both you and your child will be protected from severe diseases.

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