Power-assisted wheelchairs Vs. Traditional wheelchairs


There is no end to the “electric or manual” debate; many people have chosen to tow a particular line for reasons best known to them. Some find the electronic ways of doing things easy and convenient, while others argue that those are a rather lazy way of living.

However, the case is for you; whatever your take is on the above discourse goes a long way to determine how you view and live life.

Some individuals still believe that doing laundry with one’s hands is more effective than using washing machines; as true or disagreeable as this may be, what remains a given is that experiences and situations shape the mindsets we have lived through.

Now in light of the focus of this article which is wheelchairs, it is no longer news that exciting and innovative ways of making life easy for people with disability are being churned out or updated almost daily; this article will do a brief head to head of the manual and power-assisted types of wheelchairs.

Power-Assisted wheelchairs and manual wheelchairs 

This head-to-head might seem somewhat archaic or nonsensical, but necessary because we all have our scale of preferences regardless of how edgy or cool they might seem to others. And also, in furtherance, this head to head is essential as it could help you get a change of heart and find what works for you.

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Sophistication PAW or MW: where the manual wheelchairs are relatively light and without so many components, the power-assisted wheelchairs have a wide array of control such as touchpads and joysticks that help make mobility relatively easy. Winner: PAW

Range PAW or MW: When considering travel, the range one could go with either of these wheelchairs, one would find that the power-assisted wheelchairs allow their users a different range due to their automated nature, whereas the manual type of wheelchair still needs to be manually wheeled. Winner: PAW

Maintenance PAW or MW: because the power-assisted wheelchair has so many sophisticated components, its maintenance tends to be on the high side, whereas on the flip side, manual wheelchairs are very easy and cost-effective to maintain. Winner: MW

Specialty PAW or MW: if you’re considering customization, you might have to look at the power-assisted wheelchair way given that they are often specialized to suit the type of the condition of its user; for instance, individuals that suffer from edema have the leg rest on their wheelchairs adjustable just so their legs are kept above their heart, there are also options on the chairs that help them tilt and or recline. However, none of the above can be found in most manual wheelchairs. Winner PAW


Again, it’s noteworthy to mention that besides your personal opinion and research, before choosing between any of these wheelchairs, you should get the recommendation of your doctor or a physiotherapist as they will consider your condition and recommend a very suitable wheelchair.

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