Questions to Ask Before Attending a Free Fitness Session

Do you want to attend a free fitness session? Why not? It is free and allows you to decide if the facility is right for you. Forward Thinking Fitness, for instance, gives free sessions to those who want to give their fitness facility a try. Don’t just go because it’s free. Go with your health in mind and with questions to properly assess if making a commitment is in your best interest. There are some things you need to know about this opportunity before finally giving it a go. Asking questions is a good way to know more about what this privilege can offer. Read on for relevant questions to ask:

Is it Really Free?

Is it 100% free, or do you need to pay some sort of fee? It’s good to ask this question, so you are prepared. You do not want to go there empty-handed since you assumed that it was all-expense-paid, only to find out that the training is free, but the use of the facility is not.

It is Non-Obligatory

You also need to confirm that the free training does not have an obligation to become a fitness facility member. Some facilities will say they give free sessions, but they will force you to register and pay for membership after the session.

Make sure that after the session, the trainers will not in any way make you feel obligated to pay or become a member of their facility. You may need to be clear with the organizers that you are there for the free session and not to be harassed.

How Long Does the Free Session Take?

How long will the free session last? Is it for an hour or more? Make sure you schedule the free session when you have time to fully participate, not between two other appointments. Also, make sure to confirm the free training the day before.

What Will I Get From It?

What will you get from the free session? Do you need to wear comfortable clothes, bring anything? Do you get to choose what parts of your body the session focuses on or what equipment you will use? Will you be sent home with any paperwork, such as exercises that can be done on your own time?

How Many are Attending?

If you are a private or shy person, you may also want to ask how many people are expected to attend the free session. If the crowd is too big, think twice about whether to attend the free session. In order to get the most out of the free session, you will need to be relaxed. You may still want to attend the session to learn more about what they can offer, but if there are too many participants, this may be hard for you to achieve.

Even if the session is free, it should not hinder you from asking questions, especially if the questions you are about to ask will have a huge impact on the overall experience you will get from the session.

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