The Don’ts when vaping

Whether you like the logic vape or you are the type that consider the nicsalts,  it is important to know the don’ts when vaping so that you avoid them completely. They include the following:

Choosing an e-juice that is toxic

There are two e-juice bases which are available in the market; the VG and the PG. one is vegetable glycerine (VG)  and the other one is propylene glycerol (PG). The VG juices are known to be quite thick and can end up blocking the coils quite easily. When it comes to the PG juices, they are known to be quite intense in flavors and can be able to produce a large flavor amount.

The result of having to inhale this is all dependent on the vaper novelty. If you are a novice, it is quite common using the juice which doesn’t fit you. That is why, it is important to research well before you decide to choose on the e-juice as there are several of such which are available in the market and some can be quite toxic.

Excess vaping due to modifications

With the e-cig being light and easy to smoke, the vapers do keep on puffing in a continuous manner the entire day. It makes it hard to realize the amount of nicotine which has been inhaled. But because of modifications that have been made on vaping, it could be easy for you to smoke.

In this e-cig era, there are certain websites which tend to promote selling vapes which are advanced referred to as box mods. Such vapes are quite strong and the users normally consume vapor which is excessive from such. It is advisable hence if you are a beginner to start off in a slow manner.  If you learn, then you will be able to avoid inhaling in more than what is intended.

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