The Ultimate Buying Guide For Vital Signs Monitor Singapore

The vital signs mainly show how well someone’s body is functioning. They are mainly measured at the doctor’s offices, or during the emergency room visit. There are four main vital signs which are mainly monitored by medical professionals. Some of the facts about the vital signs monitor Singapore have been discussed in this article.

Top vital signs of the body to know about

  1. Blood pressure is mainly the force of the blood pushing against the walls of the arteries. Too high or too low blood pressure can cause problems. The normal blood pressure reading for the adults is mainly lower than 120/80 and higher than 90/60.
  2. Heart rate, or the pulse, mainly measures how fast someone’s heart is beating. The normal heart rate mainly depends on different factors such as age, the amount of exercise, whether someone is sitting or standing, the medicines they take, and their weight.
  3. The respiratory rate mainly measures breathing.
  4. Temperature mainly measures how hot the body is.

Facts to know about vital sign monitors

 Vital signs monitors normally provide the medical personnel an indication about the patient’s condition and enable them to evaluate different treatment options. The measurements mainly consist of ECG, pulse oximetry, noninvasive blood pressure as well as temperature.

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