What Botox Brings to Your Skin

If you’ve been noticing some increased wrinkles and signs of aging on your skin recently, you may have started searching for solutions. Your internet search history may be filled with questions such as: “Is there a way to look younger without having to undergo surgery or take medication”? The answer is yes!

Botox checks all the boxes for those that want to achieve a more youthful appearance, want to avoid surgery, and want a treatment that works quickly. The treatment has been used successfully for nearly 30 years and clients are consistently pleased with the results.

But with all of the misinformation, poor guidance, and contradictory advice out there, it can be hard to know what is true about Botox and what isn’t. In this post, we will discuss some of the benefits that Botox will bring to your skin and what you can expect from the procedure.

Benefits of Botox

The benefits inherent in Botox treatment are too many to list in this article, but some of the major positives to the treatment include:

  • Addresses Nearly Every Cosmetic Issue Imaginable. From improving the appearance of your neck, to decreasing the appearance of forehead lines, Botox gets the job done. The treatment is extremely effective for addressing cosmetic needs in the face and neck area.
  • Minimal Side Effects. The typical side effects from Botox are fairly intuitive. You may experience some soreness and bruising near where the treatment was performed. Additionally, you could potentially have a mild headache after the initial injection. Longer lasting side effects, while still minor, include eyelid and facial drooping which typically resolves within a few weeks.
  • Works Quickly. Clients will generally see results within a week, if not sooner. Over the course of 2 weeks after treatment, the effects become more visible, reaching the peak benefits at the 14-day mark.
  • Helps with TMJD and Other Conditions. Interestingly, Botox has also been successfully used to treat TMJD (Temporomandibular Joint Disorder). This debilitating condition can cause severe jaw pain. TMJD makes eating and using your mouth throughout the day a major challenge. Botox has also been prescribed for the treatment of hyperhidrosis, which is when individuals sweat more than they should.

What Should I Expect at My First Botox Appointment?

Once you’ve scheduled your appointment, you should receive pre-procedure instructions from your dermatologist’s office. If not, they likely have all of the information posted on their website. In general, you can expect your procedure to go as follows:

  1. The dermatologist will apply a topical cream to relieve pain before performing the injection.
  2. He or she will address all of the areas that were agreed upon during your initial assessment.
  3. The entire procedure, from start to finish, takes roughly 15 minutes. Then you are out the door!
  4. Your dermatologist will provide you with post-treatment instructions and will likely want you to schedule a follow-up appointment.

Does Botox sound like the right treatment for you? If so, contact a skilled dermatologist today to set up your initial consultation!

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