What Is Relex Smile?

Relex Smile is a trademarked product developed by Dr. Zeiss and his team for the treatment of refractive errors in patients with nearsightedness or farsightedness. A small incision called microdiscectomy, also known as a femtosecond, lenticule removal, is a type of laser eye surgery developed for the treatment of astigmatism, and myopia.


In Relex Smile singapore, tiny incisions are made on the inside of the cornea, the outer transparent covering of the eye, to allow light to enter the eye properly. After the procedure is done, you would not notice any difference between your vision and those of an average person. Some patients even claim that their vision seems as good as those of their nearsighted/farsighted relative.


The procedure is done by well-trained and experienced cosmetic surgeons who have performed the procedure on thousands of patients with great results. The results can be amazing. However, if you are considering this treatment, it is crucial to find a surgeon who has many years of experience.


This is important because your surgeon needs to make an accurate diagnosis of your condition. Another thing to consider is that the cost of the treatment can be quite high depending on how your vision is affected. For example, if you have severe astigmatism, the cost can be quite high because corrective surgeries require more than one treatment.

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