What You Need To Know About Oxytocin?

Oxytocin, also called the feel-good hormone, is produced by the hypothalamus. When we are being affectionate, this hormone is released by the pituitary gland. It acts as a neurotransmitter in the brain and is considered the driving force for attraction and caregiving. The more oxytocin you release, the more you feel affectionate. It helps you create meaningful relationships and improves overall health.

In women, oxytocin helps contraction of the womb during labor time by stimulating the uterine muscles to contract and increase the production of prostaglandins, which helps those muscles to contract even more. If the hormone production is low, it may slow the labor process. In those cases, synthetic oxytocin is used to induce contractions.

This hormone’s contribution does not stop with labor but even after the baby is born. It helps promote lactation also. When the baby sucks the mother’s breast, oxytocin is produced and it moves milk to the breast and the baby gets to feed. Until the baby stops feeding, the hormone is secreted and stopped once the baby stops feeding. This is done by a positive feedback mechanism, which takes place until that particular action is complete.

The good news is that if you feel your love hormones are low, you can easily buy oxytocin online. They are available as either an injection or nasal spray. Injections are usually administered as intravenous infusions and nasal spray can be easily self-administered. However, make sure you do not end up with substandard products that are extremely riskier for women’s health, the infant, and anyone who uses it.

Health Benefits of Oxytocin

Studies show that hugs, kisses, physical touches, have many psychological benefits. It gives you the feeling of comfort, support, and caring. This in turn improves the way your body works and helps reduce blood pressure that is a significant way to protect your heart health.

When you feel happy, cortisol production is also reduced. Cortisol is the stress hormone the high levels of which can lead to varieties of mental and physical problems. Hugs, touches, from your loved one, help increase the production of the feel-good hormone while it decreases the production of cortisol. Hence, you can enjoy a peaceful, calm state of mind.

Stress and frustration also weaken your immune system. It is quite natural for you to get sick when your immune system is not strong. The bonus of oxytocin is the improved immune system that helps you enjoy long-term health.

When you feel happy and free from any stress, your body can easily regulate sleeping patterns and you can fall asleep quickly and stay asleep.

Oxytocin also helps decrease the fear factor in the brain. If you are withdrawing yourself from social situations because of social anxiety, with the help of this hormone you can feel motivated and it strengthens your emotional bond. It is considered that this hormone plays an important role in social behavior such as trust, sexual arousal, mother-child bonding, and recognition.


Before you are given oxytocin, inform your doctor if you have any allergies. Tell your doctor if you have ever had medical conditions like uterus infection, genital herpes, cervical cancer, high blood pressure, heart problem, uterus surgery, and such. Also, inform them about the drugs that you are currently taking. If you experience signs including difficulty breathing, swelling on your face, tongue, or throat, seek emergency immediately.

It can also cause serious effects in newborns including slow/abnormal heart rate, eye problems, jaundice, or breathing troubles. Hence, the doctor while administering oxytocin for labor pain will take necessary care.


This synthetic hormone is used only when it is needed. Moreover, your healthcare provider will monitor you carefully so there is no need to worry about overdosing. Make sure you follow the instructions given by your doctor about taking fluids.

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